Tom & Jerry Animators: Tee for Two

If you want to learn how to identify western animator styles, the original Tom and Jerry shorts are great to study. The series had the same characters, directors, and core group of animators for pretty much its entire run.

It’s easiest to tell the animators apart in the mid 40’s cartoons, before they were forced to stick to the model sheets. Here’s an animator breakdown for one of the best Tom and Jerry shorts, “Tee for Two” (1945). You can watch a decent copy of the cartoon here.

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Tom & Jerry Animators

Ken Muse

  • The most “Disneyesque” animator
  • Characters are always solid, appealing, and on-model
  • Movement is fluid and full
  • Draws Tom with 3 chest bumps until 1951
  • Draws Jerry with long hairs and thick tail
  • Worked on nearly every Tom & Jerry cartoon from “Fine Feathered Friend” (1942) to the end of the series

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